First, Listen

KiKu opens doors and encourages collaboration between stakeholders – from songwriters, to industry professionals, to listeners 


  • Frictionless capture and secured cloud archive of lyric, IP ownership data points, song registration and audio worktapes
  • Automated creative revision and feedback delivery notifications
  • Data-driven cowriter suggestion engine for songwriter at all levels
  • Local archive and cloud backup for new song ideas


  • Exclusive “first listen” access to new
    songs from their favorite songwriters
  • The power to provide feedback and
    support for the songs that inspire them
  • “Backstage” access to the songwriting

Industry Pros

  • Manageable song feedback mechanism for signed writers within their company
  • Data-driven song pitch selections
  • Local archive and cloud backup for all writers in their company

The KiKu App


Record work tapes anywhere, anytime


Share worktapes with your inner circle, family, friends, and fans


Collaborate with co-writers to edit your music and lyrics

The KiKu Hub

The hub is a web-based platform introducing the Kiku vision, team and contact
information, as well as directing visitors to the mobile app and social media channels.  Further enhancement to the hub will include a real-time feed from our social channels showing Kiku’s global and dynamic presence in songwriting collaboration, and trending, recent news related to Kiku. Ultimately, with a flourishing community utilizing and contributing to the mobile app, the hub will evolve to a unique database-driven network for talent sourcing, innovative songwriter connections, and industry reporting and insights from a completely new angle.

The Big Picture

Meet KiKu

Mike Willis

Mike casts the vision, sees the connections and drives Kiku’s strategy forward. As a touring artist, Mike has performed on three continents, released six independent records, and raised more than $30,000 for charities worldwide.  Mike knows the pains and pleasures of writing songs professionally having successfully penned songs for two publishers in Nashville. In 2009, Mike’s song, “Made For You” was selected as the best Country song in the International Songwriting Competition. Today Mike cooked his daughter’s favorite dish, spaghetti carbonara, as he listened to the latest Rising Folk playlist on Spotify featuring Hozier, S. Carey, and The Milk Carton Kids.

Alanna Foxwell

Alanna carries the vision through the Kiku brand – what it looks and feels like, how the narrative evolves. She also helps guide the protection of the brand and strategy for its growth progression. Her background as a writer and corporate communications consultant give Kiku the audience engagement expertise vital to a creative product’s launch and sustainability. Today she woke up to Who’s Going to Ride Your Wild Horses, by U2; danced to Happy, by Pharrell Williams, with her 3- and 5-year-olds; and fell asleep to This Year’s Love, by David Gray.

Veeren Patil

Veeren’s hands guide the product development of the KiKu tool. His strategic direction over how the platform is to be used, how it should grow, how to problem-solve for both the expected and unexpected usage results, guides the KiKu team to deliver the best results for our community. Veeren holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science from the University of London and 10 years experience working in the Information Technology industry. When not working on tech projects, there’s a good bet he’s got his hands full wrenching on a car project while listening to The Doors or the Nightcall Album by Kavinsky.

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